Coordinated Cruiser Events

MERSEA CLUBS EVENT                  

Saturday 25th July 2015

Start: 11:00am at Nass Beacon

Organising Club: West Mersea Yacht Club and Dabchicks Sailing Club

Contact: Richard Hayden

Moorings available on Saturday evening by prior arrangement at West Mersea.

The Saturday Evening BCOSS Prizegiving Social

The  social event takes place after the days sailing event. It's at the top of this page though because its just as much fun and of equal importance in making this day one of the best events of the season on the Blackwater & Colne.

As soon as the sailing is over, visitors are welcome to take a mooring at West Mersea or anchor close to the Quarters. The yacht club launches will be on hand to deliver participants ashore to join in the evening celebrations.

The bar will be open throughout the evening after which the YC launches will return you to your mooring for the evening.

The Saturday Sailing Event

The fleet will gather at the Nass Beacon on a line set by the committe boat, who will announce the course to be sailed.

The White Sail fleet will set off at 11:00am followed by the rest of the fleet 5 minutes later. The course will be sailed in an area of the estuary within the limits of the buoys, North Eagle, Wallet Spitway, Colne C8 and Thirslet buoy.  The course will have long legs between the marks, and the fleet will be sailing for 5 to 6 hours before returning to a finish line in sufficient time to ensure the if they need to, the up river boats can return to their moorings at the top of the Blackwater & Colne.

What to Expect

Please be sure to read the series sailing instructions and the safety declaration which can be found on this site. The specific Sailing Instructions for this the final event of the BCOSS series will be emailed to everyone who registers 5 days before the event.

All boats participating will be issued with a local handicap number for the purposes of scoring the event and the BCOSS series. This will be a number based on the Byron and RYA PY handicapping system that is drawn from your club handicappers knowledge of your boat. This information is then used by the BCOSS handicapping committee that has representatives from the clubs on it, to generate a number for your boat relative to the rest of the fleet.

Other clubs and associations on the river will be using this event as one of their own, and will extract their own results from it to award their club and series points. 

How to Register

You'll need details about your boats length, weight, e.t.c. and then complete the registration form which can be found here.If you registered for an event in 2014, then we'll still have your details on file so all you need to do is to update them by following the onscreen instructions.