Coordinated Cruiser Events


Note: Be sure to read these. When you register to participate in a BCOSS event you will be asked to confirm that your boat will comply with the safety requirements.

For all Events: 

Your vessel is so designed, equipped and laid out that it provides adequate protection, stability and self righting moment to safely sail in the waters in which the BCOSS events take place. If you are unsure of your vessels safety capability in the BCOSS sailing areas you will check the recommended requirements on the ISAF website.

The vessel is currently insured,  including racing risks, with valid third party liability insurance with a minimum cover of £2,000,000 per event or the equivalent.

The vessel is identifiable by exhibiting sail numbers and /or will display a number or its name on its quarters,  and complies with the safety requirements by having on board the equipment listed below.
  • One cockpit mounted manual bilge pump (with secured handle)
  • Marine Compass
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Ability to drop sails (if sailing vessel) and motor to port unassisted in strong winds 
  • Two red flares & 2 orange smoke
  • First Aid kit
  • Charts and navigation equipment
  • Tools and spare parts
  • VHF radio capable of receiving and transmitting on UK marine channels
  • Heaving line 15 - 25m (50–75ft)
  • Lead line or Echo sounder
  • Accessible life buoy or life sling, with reflective tape & marked with vessels name
  • Foghorn
  • A stout bucket with lanyard Min 9 litre (2 gals)
  • Anchor 2m chain and min 10m warp
  • Lifejackets with whistles & reflective tape for all crew, marked with vessels or wearers name.
  • Equipment suitable for cutting the vessels standing rigging
  • All equipment and fittings securely fastened, accessible, serviced, in date and suitable.
You will check the recommended requirements for offshore sailing on the ISAF website.