Coordinated Cruiser Events


Note: There are different sailing instructions for each event. Please be sure to read the Sailing Instructions for the event that you intend to participate in. You can find them by following the links below.


The BCOSS Open Series 

The three individual events included in the BCOSS series are covered by a single Sailing Instruction.

Where details of each individual event differ, these are detailed in the amendments to the sailing instructions for that event. Participants should make themselves familiar with both the general sailing instructions and the amendments for the individual events.

You can find the  General Sailing Instructionshere

Select the amendments to the sailing instructions for each event from the list below.



Colne Event from Bradwell Amendments to Sailing Instructions

Sunday 10th May 2015. Start South of Bradwell 08:30am


Stone SC Amendments to Sailing Instructions   

Sunday 28th June 2015. Start Stone Line 12:30am


Mersea Clubs Event Amendments to Sailing Instructions  

Saturday 25th July 2015. Start Nass 11:00am